Keep your computer up-to-date!
Fri Oct 24 05:14:14 2014
Make sure that your computer has the latest Windows, Java and Adobe updates/patches at a minimum. Depending on your installed software there may be others.  Security holes are taken advantage of everyday by viruses and spyware that put your computer and data at risk. Remember… these updates CANNOT happen if your computer is turned off. Keep your computer on at least one night a week so that automatic updates can take place.
Don’t online shop while on public wifi!
Wed Oct 8 05:20:30 2014
When you are on public wifi (coffee shops, libraries, etc.), you are on an open network where people with the “right” tools can see what you are typing on your computer… passwords, credit card numbers and the like. It is no different than sending a postcard through the U.S. Mail. Just don't do it!

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