Gavia, Inc., owned and operated by Daree Selby has been a great resource for our company. We have utilized their computer services on a number of occasions. When we needed to make an upgrade, Daree evaluated our system and made a recommendation for change that would improve system performance and user satisfaction. She offered us choices that were within our budget. The Gavia team installed new computers as needed and set us up with wireless connections-saving us a bunch of money! Additionally, Gavia has helped us out with computer emergencies with quick response and problem resolution. I would recommend Daree Selby and the Gavia technicians to businesses small and large.

LeeAnn M. Weigt, Vice President--Olson’s Sewer Service, Inc.

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In this day and age, an optimally functioning computer is the heart of most businesses. It stops, and the business can only function on an alternative form of life support. By following the proactive advice of Gavia Inc., I was able to plan and prepare for the day I had a major technical interruption. When it happened, Daree and staff were able to get me back up and running in short order. The best news was all of my data had been backed up remotely so nothing was lost. Working with Gavia is like having an insurance policy for your computer allowing for very little business interruption. Thank you Gavia, Inc!

Jean Holewa, Trade Show Strategist--Exhibitor Value Advantage
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Gavia Testimonial

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