Tips and Tricks!  - #1 - Windows 8 - GodMode!

Windows 8 can seem rather strange and sometimes frustrating when you are trying to customize it.  There is a little known "hidden" folder that can put many of the things that people like to customize right at your fingertips or your "desktop".  Some techies refer to it as "God Mode". To easily access this folder, do the following:
  1. First make sure that you can view all "hidden" files and folders with File Explorer (old Windows Explorer.)  Open File Explorer and hit the CTRL and F1 keys to display the "ribbon" at the top of the window.  Click on View and then check the boxes "file name extensions" and "hidden items". You can close this window when you are done.
  2. RightClick on the desktop and select New, Folder and then paste in the following:
    Hit enter.  You can call it something other than GodMode if you would like.  The important info is everything after GodMode.
  3. DoubleClick on the icon and you will open up a folder with all sorts of options to customize your computer easily.

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